For Educators:

For Genocide Studies: has compiled an in-depth list of different online tools to use in the classroom, from making videos more interactive with pop-up questions to online exhibits your students can make.

Genocide Watch is an online database that serves to inform and works to prevent genocide. This resource continues to post updates regarding genocide alerts around the world.

Learning for Justice provides resources for teaching “hard history,” from lesson plans to professional development opportunities.

The USC Shoah Foundation has recorded and uploaded 55,000 survivor testimonies from different genocides.

Facing History and Ourselves focuses on preparing students to be civically engaged citizens and to challenge hate. This organization has curated lessons on topics such as the Civil Rights movement and the Holocaust, and includes resources for educators on how to teach these difficult and important topics.

Specifically for educators based in North Carolina, the NC Council on the Holocaust focuses on workshops for teachers as well as funding to help schools teach about this history. The council has compiled Holocaust survivor testimonies from individuals who moved to North Carolina after World War II.