“Looking Up”: A Digital Mixtape

Spotify is my go-to platform for music, especially because of how accessible it makes sharing music. My good friends and I often trade playlists of what we are currently listening to or curated moods just for each other. Sharing and creating playlists is intuitive on this platform. Most of the playlists I create for myself are nostalgic nonsense, composed of songs from childhood, from my loved ones, and the ones that charmed me unexpectedly.

“Looking Up” is a playlist of songs that help me get lost in the daily routine, and have marked time for me through the pandemic. The cover picture is from my travels in Europe, where my life seemed to be at its peak. Time kept moving, and I pray the best is yet to come. These songs give me energy for the day and for an escape. “Blue Vacation” and “Easy Thing” represent my moods before the pandemic and before gaining a sense of what they meant, switching from a strong melancholy to simple and easy. “Bored” was for the early pandemic, once the panic subsided and the walls were closing in. “Curses” is a song I enjoy but often zone out for, and it connects to the brain fog that sedates me through many life changes. “Moon Beach” took me back to better times while understanding time continues to move around me while I have stopped, which is more literal since my brother-in-law wrote this song and he was only a fifth-grader when I first met him. I am incredibly proud of his talent and skill. “Can’t Take My Eyes off You” and “11:11” allow me to daydream about romance, and were heavily repeated leading up to my wedding. For the days where I don’t feel like I am on top of the world but I am going to get there, “Don’t Shut Me Down” gets me moving.

3 thoughts on ““Looking Up”: A Digital Mixtape”

  1. Hey Kara! Music also really helped me get through the pandemic, especially when every day seemed to feel repetitive. I also love “Don’t Shut Me Down,” such a good song! Thank you for sharing and giving us a glimpse of who you are!

  2. Kara – thanks for sharing this peek into your life over the past two years. I felt many times during the pandemic that the world kept moving while I stood still. Your playlist gives me a glimpse into how your time was spent during a time when we were all so disconnected.

  3. Whenever it comes to anything special, I always find that songs help me take things in and understand life as a whole. I could definitely tell when looking up these songs how they could connect to your life. The pandemic was hard on everyone so its always nice to hear when someone gets through hardships in their own ways.

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